Monday, October 11, 2004

The Aklaka Declaraton

The Aklaka Declaraton

ON 10th January 1999, the Egi Ethnic Coalition met at Aklaka, their ancestral headquarters and deliberated on the past three and half decades of total neglect and exploitation of the Egi Clan by both the Federal /State government, and oil companies. It also reflected sadly on the deliberate non-compliance by Elf with the 1993 Peace Agreement reached with Egi Clan, and declared as follows:

The Egi people demand as a matter of right complete control of their land and mineral resources, as well as their environment which has been subjected to serious degradation by the exploitation of Elf Oil Company.

The Egi people believed that their steady slide into extinction can only be reversed by Self Determination.

They are convinced that only a Sovereign National Conference can establish the basis for mutual peaceful co-existence of the various ethnic nationalities within Nigeria and of the continued existence of Nigeria as a corporate unit.

The Egi people condemn the Human Rights violence on the Egi people and on the people of the Niger Delta by the Military Dicatatorship in conjuction with the oil companies

They are also committed to the promotion of Inter and Intra Ethnic Harmony in the Niger Delta as the only means to achieve stability and sustainable development in the Niger Delta.


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