Monday, October 11, 2004

The Warri Accord

The Warri Accord

The Guest Oil companies should identify and deal with the said elected true leaders on ground and establish a permanent forum for contstructive dialogue with no holds barred.

There is a dire and urgent need for the provision of the basic amenities such as contstant electricity, portable water, good roads and derdging of our riverine waterways with a view to the rapid modernization and urbanisation of our riverine and township areas in Warri.

Additionally vocational centres of training of skilled and semi-skilled craftsmen with a view to poverty alleviation, thus ensuring the encouragement of self-employment through fishing, farming, carpentry and other small scale cottage industries in the more remote and riverine areas of the Warri host communities.

A derivative formula for the direct allocation in the foreign currency of the hydrocarbon is to be paid into an escrew account for the benefit of the Warri host communities multi-purpose co-operative accounts to be opened in the signatures of trusties elected from the true leaders of the people aforesaid and share proportionately in the production ration of all the oil wells in the Warri old area in order to create the STAKEHOLDERS STATUS which the Warri host communities have been praying.

On their part, the Warri host communities as later-day owners and stakeholders must endeavour to raise and operate a vibrant vigilant body to check monitor, police and arrest any person caught vandalising, pipelines and equipment.

Excerpted from the Warri Declaration adopted after deliberations between Warri families at the Warri National Conference held in Benin City between June 25 -27, 1999.


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